spi has advanced thermal imaging systems for lan applications thermal marine systems are becoming more and more popular for coast guard and border patrol agents. spi has advanced systems that will meet any needs
Land Thermal Systems - Our unique and covert ways to use thermal imagers for land based applications surpass all other systems out there because we custom build solutions specific to your needs.
Marine Thermal Systems - The US Coast Guard and several other marine based government agencies have trusted our equipment in the most volatile weather conditions. Our products are built to last.
spi has many choices for airborne thermal imagers for helicopters or fighter jets - we can customize your solution the most important application of all. being able to see what can't be seen, unmanned thermal applicationas are vital to all forces on the ground
Airborne Thermal Systems - A stabilized approach was key to developing the best thermal imagers for any and all airborne infrared. Our systems are precision tuned and protected for any condition.
Unmanned Thermal Systems - The most important approach in todays battle field is catching the enemy off guard. With UAV's and our thermal infrared zoom imagers, the ability to see everything without risking lives is now a reality.
some of spi's technologies include explosive and thermal detection of our ports in the united states
border patrol is very important these days, spi has a team of individuals that cater to the DOD's advanced needs
Border Patrol Thermal Systems - When the country needs it, our advanced human tracking and detection imagers solve the need to a securer border. We make it our goal to provide the best possible solution for our country. Currently thermal Border Patrol applications are a top priority for SPI.
Port Security Thermal Systems - As requested by several agencies across the United States we have taken an initiative to help solve some of the pressing issues with port security. Our thermal imaging devices allow for quick screening and fast searching of known issues.

Sierra Pacific Innovations (SPI) offers its products for legal use only. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to determine local, state, federal, and international regulations prior to purchase. SPI will not be held responsible for any illegal use of its products. SPI reserves the right to refuse shipment to any person/party for any reason. Specifications and prices listed on the SPI web site and in Quotes are subject to change without notice. All images and brand names of products are either copyright SPI or are copyright or trademark of their respective companies. SPI reserves all rights. All other companies reserve their respective rights. No part of SPI's online or offline data may be copied without the express written consent of SPI and / or the copyright / trademark owner.

Most SPI products and item components are subject to Export restrictions administered by the US Departments of State & Commerce. Please contact the US Department of State / Commerce for assistance. If Export of any component or item of SPI's products are approved by the United States Government, Re-Export laws must be complied with. Purchasers must be US citizens.


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